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Sean Schertell

Technical Director

I’ve been involved in web development and system administration since 1998. As an audio engineer in New York City, I began studying web design and coding as a side hobby. Since then, I’ve worked on projects for clients including MTV, Capitol Records, The U.S. Dept. of Treasury, and Dell Computers.

Having been involved in all phases of web development from command line web server administration to user interface design, I like to think I have the wide-angle perspective necessary for viewing an entire project top-down and building teams around a predetermined goal.

Jesse Hall

Technical Director

I'm a programmer and designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. My skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and custom Wordpress CMS coding and graphic design. I have agency experience and have also been managing projects since 2002. I enjoy collaborating with clients to produce world-class websites that exceed expectations. My clients include AT&T, PC World, Rockport publishing, SAS, Toshiba, Costco, Intel, Adobe and Sony.

Evgeny Petukhov

Senior Engineer

I'm one of the master programmers behind the scenes. I'm responsible for full-stack development from the depths of automated Linux-based web server deployments to lovingly handcrafted HTML/CSS code. My job is to put it all together. I was born in Arkhangelsk, a small town to the north of Russia and I've worked for a huge number of Russian and international clients as a freelancer since high school (I still remember MS Frontpage and the HTML 3.2 era).

A few years after graduating from the local university, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Now I can't live/code without traveling, skyscraper views and spicy Thai food.

Michael Rosenthal

Senior Engineer

I grew up in Austin, Texas, where I frequented 24 hour coffee shops to study computer science and program -- punctuated by games of four-handed chess. Now I live life on the move, pushing code from Istanbul to Krakow. I've programmed at all levels of the software stack, doing everything from database optimization to responsive web development. I now focus this understanding intently on building both beautiful websites and beautiful code bases.

Jared Mitchell

Senior Engineer

Hi, I'm Jared. When I am not cycle touring, running, or rock climbing you will find me in front of my computer working on the latest project. My love for the outdoors is only trumped by my love for everything PHP. I built my first website in 1997, and after graduating with a BSc in Computer Science from Otago University I worked customizing e-commerce sites before leaving the comforts of New Zealand for Asia. These days you will find me in Chiang Mai, Thailand, utilizing my full stack developer skills to build customized WordPress sites. Other skills include website migration, Apache server management, and website optimization.

Cody Beardsley

Senior Engineer

I am a multi-talented individual and have experience in UI design, web development, professional game design, systems administration, project management, quality-assurance and crazy-intense debugging. I have a passion for perfection in my work and it shows in the clean and concise code I author. When there's a deadline and code quality can't be sacrificed, I'm your guy. Outside of programming, I dabble in music production, space technology and motorcycles and often create side projects involving those interests.

Claire Khromer

Graphic Designer

After graduating from U.C. Davis with a B.A. in Graphic Design, I quickly got my feet wet working at a design firm for several years. After steadily working and teaching introductory graphic design part time at the local community college, I soon caught the travel bug, and spent a few months roaming around Europe, gathering inspiration and a renewed sense of passion for art and design (and craft beers, but that's another story).

I decided to take it to the next level, build up my own clientele, and explore the world of freelance graphic and web design, where I have been working for the past several years.

Erin Kodama

Project Manager

I've been a web developer and project manager for the past 5 years, managing projects from the initial stages of wireframing and design to implementation and go-live. I like to think of myself as a partner when working with clients, helping them flush out ideas, coming up with solutions, and keeping the project pushing forward.

I'm also knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, and have experience with PHP and MySQL. Having front end development knowledge has helped me to effectively communicate with our development team and leverage their talents and skillsets to meet our goals.

Konstantin Antipov

Systems Operations Specialist

Hi, I'm Konstantin. My first computer was Intel 8086 based. Since then computers have been a great part of my life and at some point they became my profession. Getting a degree in information technology at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has structured my knowledge and improved my competence. I am currently involved in the administration of computer systems and cloud-based applications keeping myself updated with new technologies and trends.


Responsive one-page website hand-coded using HTML5 and Javascript/JQuery. View website

Fully custom responsive HTML website and database-driven backend application created with Python and MongoDB to client's precise specification. View website

Custom design and shopping cart with admin system for managing inventory and contacts. View website

Fully custom design and admin system with content editor and custom file exchange system for delivery of architectural blueprints to clients. View website

Interactive professional photographer HTML gallery site View website

A series of 10 websites developed for Hudson Alpha research scientists. View website

Japanese printing company website with fully custom order processing, inventory tracking, integrated shipping and tracking, file uploads, and payment processing.

Custom "modules" editor allows this client to manage all chunks of content and arrange them as building blocks for pages. Fully custom blog system and news items editor was also created.